Proton Energy Installs HOGEN Generator in Germany

February 02, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Proton Energy Systems Inc. (Wallingford, CT) announced that it has supplied a HOGEN 380 hydrogen generator for a hydrogen and renewable energy project in Barth, Germany. The system, delivered last November, was commissioned and successfully passed acceptance testing earlier this month.

The HOGEN 380 hydrogen generator will be used to compress and store hydrogen at high-pressure to provide fuel for a fuel-cell-powered bus. The oxygen byproduct from the unit will be used to increase Barth's wastewater treatment capacity by adding oxygen to its biological wastewater treatment system.

Proton Energy Systems President and CEO Walter Schroeder stated, "This HOGEN 380 hydrogen generator project shows the versatility of our product, which is capable of generating hydrogen wherever water and electricity are available. Because the project also incorporates solar panels, we are able to demonstrate a way to produce hydrogen fuel directly from renewables. This is our ultimate vision for energy sustainability: creating the technical link between renewable resources and transportation energy needs."