Powerit and Inductotherm Deliver Demand-Control-Ready Induction-Furnace Power Supplies

April 04, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Inductotherm Corp. is helping customers effortlessly control energy use for savings and sustainability by offering a unique option to make its furnaces plug-and-play ready for the most advanced industrial demand management technology. Inductotherm is the only furnace manufacturer to offer three furnace lines shipped with power supplies prewired for Powerit Solutions’ Spara DM™ demand management technology, which allows users to optimize peak demand control and participate in smart grid programs.

Inductotherm has created a new feedback and control interface that enabled Powerit to standardize demand management for all types of Inductotherm power supplies. The Inductotherm power supplies shipped with an interface allowing the Spara system to provide demand control signals. Together, Powerit and Inductotherm provided Milwaukee Valve with a seamless delivery and commissioning for the new power supplies.

“We are very pleased that the first Powerit-enabled furnace recently shipped. Throughout our 60-year history, Inductotherm has been continuously developing new ways to support our customers’ production needs. Today it is more important than ever to maximize each kilowatt that goes into the melt, which is why Charlie Vivian and all our district managers continue to work together with companies such as Powerit. It’s another example of the many ways we support customers like Milwaukee Valve,” said Joe Belsh, Senior Vice President of Sales & Service at Inductotherm.

Milwaukee Valve Company, the first recipient of a prewired furnace, was ready to install new Inductotherm induction furnace power supplies. Upgrading the company’s Powerit Energy Director system to Spara DM at the same time was an ideal solution. Foundry Manager Roy Pickhard wanted to ensure that the controls in place with his legacy Powerit system would work with his new furnace power supplies. The relationship between Powerit and Inductotherm meant that he had no cause for concern.

“The interface feature in the new Inductotherm furnace power supplies for Spara DM made the installation much easier and faster than it was with the Energy Director system we installed several years ago,” said Pickhard. “This allowed Milwaukee Valve to realize electricity demand charge savings almost immediately. In addition, the new Spara DM system provides more flexibility and control for us to customize to our usage.”

“We’re excited about commissioning our first Inductotherm power supplies preconfigured to integrate with Spara DM,” said Powerit CEO Kevin Klustner. “Integrating more tightly with leading vendors like Inductotherm is a key part of creating a demand management ecosystem that will allow industrial facilities to truly optimize their energy use.”