Power Tree Corp Announces Manufacturing Facility for Its Grid Scale Energy Storage System

March 23, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Power Tree Corp. announced another important milestone in its growth as an innovator of grid scale energy storage technology with the creation of its manufacturing subsidiary, Power Tree Manufacturing Group, Inc. (PTMG).

PTMG is located in Coconut Creek, Florida within a 220,000 sq foot manufacturing facility to complete development and production of Power Tree’s 4th generation commercially viable flywheel based energy storage system.

Greg Stuart, Power Tree’s CEO, stated, "The Power Tree manufacturing plant is exceptionally well suited to our needs and provides all the necessary space, equipment and electrical power requirements to complete our 4th generation system. Further, upon completion of testing, we are capable of immediately ramping into mass production directly at this facility."

PTMG’s President Mr. Peter Zadok added, "I am eager to be applying my over 30 years of manufacturing experience. I believe Power Tree’s flywheel energy storage system is the largest device of its kind in the world, weighing approximately 100,000 lbs. We have begun manufacturing the core components and assembly parts at our plant and I believe Power Tree is now extremely well positioned with its integrated manufacturing arm to be a vital player in the ongoing efforts to upgrade our grid infrastructure."

Power Tree’s proprietary technology is designed to enable flywheels to scale in mass and speed, cost effectively storing and discharging megawatt power continuously for hours. The company’s breakthrough technology has widespread applications throughout the electrical grid and represents a key solution to the energy challenges in the United States and abroad.

Stuart stated, "Power Tree is in the unique and enviable position to both conduct research and development and be a manufacturer of its proprietary technology, which adds significant value to our company and its shareholders. As President Obama has made clear, updating our grid infrastructure and finding ways to drive green efficiencies is critically important to our nation. Power Tree’s mission is to be a global leader in the green energy technology arena and we look forward to playing an important role in creating jobs here in Florida and across the country."