Paul Wormser Appointed to Sustainable Energy BOD

October 28, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Sustainable Energy Technologies Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) announced the appointment of Paul Wormser as a Director of the company. Wormser is COO of Konarka Technologies (Lowell, MA), which is developing a breakthrough, thin-film, solar technology. Prior to joining Konarka, Wormser served as CEO of Advanced Energy, and was also Director of Technology with Solar Design Associates (Harvard, MA).

"We are extremely fortunate to have persuaded Mr. Wormser to join our Board of Directors," stated Michael Carten, president and CEO of Sustainable Energy. "His 20-plus years in the solar power industry, which

includes experience with solar-oriented subsidiaries of Exxon/Mobil and RWE AG, gives him a unique insight into global opportunities for solar energy, as well as personal relationships with key industry players."