Palcan Debuts Mobile 5kW Fuel Cell Stack

July 25, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Palcan Fuel Cell Co. Ltd. (Burnaby, BC) announced the release of a new fuel cell stack, which is said to optimize system performance for vehicle and portable products in the 1kW to 5kW range. Palcan's new stack targets a wide range of applications requiring a compact and efficient PEM fuel cell power system. Markets include scooters, forklifts and neighborhood electric vehicles as well as portable and backup power systems.

The company will offer the stacks separately or integrated into the company's line of PalPac Power Products. The first commercial demonstration of the new stack is scheduled for this fall within the collaborative agreement with Celco Profil (Italy). Celco's electric scooter is presently being modified in Palcan's shop to prepare for installation of the fuel cell system.

"This is a significant milestone for our research and development group, which compliments our air-cooled systems and keeps us on schedule for the expansion of our stack and PalPac lines up to the 5kW level. We now have a solid and unique base of optimized core technology, with an even wider range of markets available for near-term commercial product launch," stated Palcan President and CEO Jim McBeth.