NEMA Announces New CEO Governance

November 19, 2002 by Jeff Shepard

Members of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA, Rosslyn, VA) motor and generator section have changed their governance structures to directly engage participation by the top-level decision makers of those companies. The motor and generator section has formed a nine-person, CEO-level, board of directors that consists of six CEO seats with three additional seats that will rotate.

Sitting on the new board are Mark Gliebe of GE Industrial Systems, Henry Knueppel of Regal-Beloit Corp., Dick Schul of Emerson, Joe Swann of Rockwell Automation, Chad McLelland of Siemens Energy and Automation, Shimono Masauki of Toshiba International, Leo McGuire of Brook Crompton, Walter Janssen of WEG Electric Motors, and Ray Helton of Sterling Electric. The new boards will provide budget direction and set strategic policy setting for their respective industries, as well as strengthen the role of NEMA in customer and end-user communities.