National Instruments and Siemens Announce Cooperative Effort

May 14, 2001 by Jeff Shepard

National Instruments (NI, Austin, TX) and the automation and drives group of Siemens AG (Germany) announced a cooperative effort to develop measurement and automation solutions for a wide range of applications requiring precise measurement and control of manufacturing processes. The working relationship brings together Siemens' strength in manufacturing automation and control with the leadership of NI in automated test and measurement.

Officials from both companies said that this initiative is aimed at enabling engineers to make more sophisticated measurements on their processes and to feed that information back to their control systems. In turn, they can make more informed decisions that ultimately improve overall manufacturing quality and efficiency.

“For many years, NI has embarked on a strategy of taking measurement technology to more diverse applications and industries," said John Graff, NI's vice president of marketing. “Now, engineers in industries ranging from semiconductor to automotive can improve their overall manufacturing efficiency using these well integrated solutions from Siemens and NI."