Medis Selects Celestica as EMS Provider for Power Products

May 24, 2005 by Jeff Shepard

Medis Technologies Ltd. (New York) announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, More Energy Ltd., has signed a design and engineering agreement with Celestica Inc. for the it's fuel cell Power Pack products. Through the agreement, Celestica's Automated Manufacturing Services division will commence the design of a semi-automated production line that will be used to produce the Power Packs.

Celestica has also been identified as the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) partner of choice for the future manufacture of the products. Celestica's experience in the automated manufacture of products that incorporate many of the requirements of Medis' fuel cell Power Packs, including plastics and electronics integration, liquid sealing and testing technologies, renders Celestica an ideal partner for the high-volume production of Medis Technologies' Power Pack products.

"We are pleased to announce our choice of Celestica as our manufacturing and design partner," said Medis Technologies Chairman and CEO Robert Lifton. "Their experience in the design and automated assembly of high-volume products provides us with the necessary expertise to assemble our fuel cell Power Packs at a competitive cost while delivering high quality and consistent performance."

"We are pleased that Medis Technologies has selected us as its EMS partner for its Power Pack products," said Celestica's Automated Manufacturing Services division Vice President Kevin Walsh. "Our industry-leading design and engineering services, and ability to provide integrated electronics and plastics in a complex, high-speed, high-volume manufacturing environment, enables us to provide Medis with a unique solution tailored to their specific needs."