Medis Preparing to Address Higher Energy Markets

April 03, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Medis Technologies Ltd. announced it has already successfully tested prototype demonstrators of external power chargers for notebook computers capable of providing over 15 watts and up to 12 volts of steady power over a period of 12 hours from a single fueling. This is a new platform with higher capabilities of power that allow the company to address additional markets requiring even greater power than its present Power Pack product.

Such new markets include laptops, ultra mobile PC products, as well as in-home and in-office VoIP power-up systems and stationery power for home use. This is a significant increase in power capability over its present disposable consumer Power Pack product for cell phones and other hand held devices which provides 1.3 watts and up to 5.6 volts and its military tablet Power Pack which provides 8 watts and 5 volts.

"These new developments represent important extensions of the capabilities of our fuel cell technology," said Robert K. Lifton, Chairman & CEO of Medis Technologies, Ltd. "We remain focused on our disposable Power Packs for the cell phone and similar portable device market and continue to move forward vigorously on our time table for production and sale of those products. At the same time, having a new technology platform with more power capability, allows us to address additional new markets requiring higher levels of power."

"We bring to those markets, as well, the benefits of our proprietary fuel cell technology; namely: the high efficiency and absence of heat, our non hazardous fuel and our low cost, simple fuel cell. One product that we intend to develop ourselves is a universal charger with a refueling cartridge that is capable of charging portable devices across the board including laptops and similar larger portable devices. A single charger and a few connectors will allow our customers full flexibility and the convenience of not having to carry with them different chargers for different devices with different wall plug adapters.

"For other products using our advanced capabilities aimed at different markets, our business strategy is to create joint venture relationships to take advantage of our new capabilities. Thus, we are inviting laptop and other OEM's, stationery power developers and others seeking to produce energy efficient products requiring higher levels of power to join with us in developing products for their markets. We are prepared to demonstrate this new technology to companies who may be interested in joining with us at this time."