Maxwell To Design And Produce Ultracacitors For Advanced Engineering Hybrid Drive Train Program

September 16, 2007 by Jeff Shepard

Maxwell Technologies, Inc. announced that it has been awarded a contract by Mercedes Car Group to design and produce ultracapacitors for an advanced engineering hybrid-electric drive train program incorporating a braking energy recuperation system that enables it to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

David Schramm, Maxwell’s President and CEO, said that the contract provides for funding from Mercedes to develop a new BOOSTCAP® ultracapacitor cell specifically designed to meet the energy storage and power delivery requirements of one of Mercedes’ torque assist and recuperative braking systems.

"Mercedes-Benz is a global automotive technology leader, so working more closely with its research and development organization will give us the opportunity to demonstrate Maxwell’s capabilities as a supplier for future series production programs," Schramm said.

Schramm said that Maxwell also is working with automotive and heavy transportation OEMs, as well as leading Tier 1 suppliers worldwide, to design and develop ultracapacitor-based energy storage and power delivery solutions for electrical subsystem applications, such as enhanced starting and power network net stabilization, and for numerous fuel-efficient, low-emission, hybrid drive train configurations.

"We continue to focus on establishing Maxwell as the leading and lowest-cost producer of ultracapacitor products and aligning ourselves with innovative OEMs and system integrators to achieve the broadest possible penetration of these key strategic markets," Schramm said.