Maxwell Receives 200,000-Unit Ultracapacitor Order From General Hydrogen

January 29, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

General Hydrogen Corporation, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cell-based power systems for electric forklifts, has placed a 200,000-unit, three-year purchase order for ultracapacitors from Maxwell Technologies.

The ultracapacitors will enhance performance and energy management in General's Hydricity's Pack technology.

Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer, said the order is part of an agreement through which General Hydrogen will source ultracapacitors exclusively from Maxwell and receive strategic pricing if volume thresholds are reached. He said each Hydricity system incorporates 30 to 120 BOOSTCAP® MC2600 2,600-farad ultracapacitor cells, and that General Hydrogen anticipates that its volume requirements will escalate rapidly over the next three years.

"General Hydrogen is a leading integrator of fuel cell power systems for a range of industrial vehicles, particularly battery-electric forklifts," Balanson said. "This is one of dozens of high-volume industrial and transportation applications that are creating a multibillion-dollar opportunity for ultracapacitors in the coming decade, and we continue to move aggressively to strengthen Maxwell's capabilities and global reach to capitalize on that opportunity."

Frank Trotter, General Hydrogen's president and CEO, said Hydricity Pack power systems are an economical "drop-in" replacement for lead-acid batteries in Class I electric forklifts.

"Maxwell's ultracapacitors are a critical element that helps us triple the runtime of forklifts, eliminating the average three lead-acid battery sets per vehicle and the extensive infrastructure normally associated with the recharging and care of high-use conventional battery-electric forklifts," Trotter said. "Ultracapacitors' burst power capabilities, energy recapture efficiency and long operating life make them an ideal complement to hydrogen fuel cells."

General Hydrogen is headquartered in Richmond, British Columbia, near Vancouver. The company develops and is commercializing fuel cell systems and hydrogen fueling solutions for industrial vehicles and other off-road equipment.