Maxim Begins Production Shipments From 300mm Wafers

November 07, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Maxim Integrated Products recently qualified and shipped production analog product built on 300mm wafers. Maxim states that this give the company a significant technology edge in the analog/mixed-signal market.

Maxim is now producing 300mm wafers using its state-of-the-art 180nm BCD analog process technology (S18) in Powerchip Technology Corporation’s wafer fab through a foundry agreement. This achievement gives Maxim a strategic advantage in the analog market, providing a capital-efficient manufacturing model that enables quick response to changing market conditions. It extends Maxim’s hybrid approach to wafer fab capacity, utilizing both in-house and outsourced wafer fabrication. This concept was introduced by Maxim in 2007 when the Company partnered with Seiko Epson. This latest milestone demonstrates Maxim’s ongoing commitment to providing its customers with a world-class supply chain.

Collaboration was key to Maxim’s success in being first to market. "Our manufacturing and R&D teams worked closely with Powerchip’s team to qualify Maxim’s S18 BCD technology for 300mm wafers in record time," commented Tunc Doluca, Maxim’s President and CEO. "I would like to thank all of the individuals involved and congratulate them for this tremendous accomplishment."