Magnetek Receives First Production Order for New Technology Liquid Cooled Wind Inverters

February 03, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Magnetek, Inc. announced that it has received an initial production order valued at nearly $1.5 million for its newly designed utility-scale E-FORCE™ liquid cooled wind inverter. Delivery of the inverters is scheduled to be completed by the end of June, 2010, the end of the company’s fiscal year.

Based on Magnetek’s E-FORCE air cooled inverter technology platform, this high power density liquid cooled inverter provides optimal thermal performance in a compact design for applications where air cooling is unsuitable. The E-FORCE liquid cooled inverter is ideal for sealed structure applications such as near shore wind turbines or wind turbines installed in corrosive environments, as well as locations where sustained operation at elevated ambient temperatures is required.

"Leveraging our air cooled E-FORCE inverter platform, this new technology provides our customers with proven inverter performance and reliability for applications requiring advanced liquid cooled thermal management," according to Brad Taylor, Vice President and General Manager of Magnetek’s energy systems business. "This liquid cooled inverter technology will also be available in our utility-scale E-FORCE solar inverters, ideal for installation in solar power electrical equipment rooms and high ambient temperature solar power applications."

Magnetek’s modular utility-scale E-FORCE inverters regulate and transform dc power generated by wind turbines or photovoltaic systems into utility-grade ac power, which is distributed to the power transmission grid. E-FORCE inverters offer peak efficiencies when operating at full power and provide less current distortion by using revolutionary high-frequency switching technology engineered exclusively by Magnetek. Their compact design makes E-FORCE inverters easier to install and service. Sophisticated self-diagnostics and remote monitoring capabilities allow customers to maximize energy generation. NEMA rated enclosures ensure electronics are protected from extreme temperatures and the elements.

"With the development of our first fuel cell power inverter in 1995, Magnetek has proven experience in renewable energy power conditioning," stated Peter McCormick, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This new liquid cooled inverter technology further expands Magnetek’s portfolio of advanced power conversion solutions for the utility-scale wind and solar markets and positions Magnetek for further growth within the industry."