International Fuel Cells Announces that PC25TM Fuel Cell Power Plants to be Built in Connecticut

May 02, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

International Fuel Cells (IFC, South Windsor, CT), announced that six of their PC25TM fuel-cell power plants will power what is claimed to be the world's largest fuel cell installation, to be built in Connecticut. The PC25 units, which each produce 200kW of electricity and 900,000 Btus of heat, will provide primary power to the Connecticut Juvenile Training School in Middletown, CT. The heat produced by the fuel cells will be used for heating and cooling the facility.

“It was only less than a year ago that we dedicated a five-PC25TM installation at a postal facility in Anchorage, AK," said IFC president William Miller. “This larger, 1.2MW project will further showcase the PC25TM power plant's capabilities to meet the demand for clean, reliable and efficient energy and IFC's leadership in the fuel cell industry."