Infineon and Fuji Enter Into Agreement for HybridPACK 2 Power Modules at PCIM

May 10, 2012 by Jeff Shepard

At the PCIM Europe trade show, Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. and Infineon Technologies AG announced their agreement on a joint common footprint for automotive IGBT power modules using the Infineon HybridPACK™ 2 power module. In response to the need for supply security for HEV power modules, Infineon and Fuji agreed on the size of the module, the position of pin-outs, the use of the pin-finned copper base plate and on other mechanical features. The agreement comprises the HybridPACK 2 module, the FS800R07A2E3 featuring 650V/800A.

"With the world-wide requirements for saving fossil fuel and increasing kilometer-per-liter, the demand for hybrid and electric vehicles will increase further. A reliable dual-source supplier base for power modules will be an important foundation for supporting the automotive industry to expand the lineup and the production of hybrid and electric vehicles," said Toru Hosen, President of the Power Semiconductors division at Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. "This agreement also enables us to expand our product lineup."

"In its ambition to make cars clean, safe and affordable Infineon developed power modules to enable the use of hybrid and electrical motors in all vehicle classes," said Jochen Hanebeck, President of the Automotive division at Infineon Technologies AG. "The combination of our four decades of experience in power electronics and car electronics has resulted in our highly compact and reliable HybridPACK power modules. We are proud to serve the automotive industry with this agreement that caters for a reliable dual-source supplier base."

Infineon developed its power modules HybridPACK 2 for direct liquid-cooled systems as common in hybrid vehicles and electrical vehicles. The HybridPACK 2 modules offer the industry’s smallest footprint at the given high power density. This is approximately 20 percent smaller than other modules on the market. Today’s electronic control systems for full hybrid cars and electrical vehicles equal the size of two standard shoe boxes, weighing an average of 30 kilos. A system with HybridPACK 2 power module technology is only about the third its size and only weighs approximately 20 kilos compared to other state-of-the-art solutions. The pin-finned copper base plate in HybridPACK 2 not only enhances thermal performance, but also increases reliability.

The HybridPACK 2 modules of Infineon are available in high-volume. Fuji plans to have power modules with HybridPACK 2 footprint available as of 2013.