IMPCO Technologies Receives Patent for Fuel Cell and Natural Gas Vehicles

April 18, 2000 by Jeff Shepard

IMPCO Technologies Inc.'s (Irvine, CA) Advanced Technology Center has been awarded a patent for its new and innovative in-tank pressure regulator technology for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and natural gas vehicles. Combined with the company's proprietary TriShield ultra-lightweight, advanced-composite, fuel-storage tanks, IMPCO's new in-tank regulator offers a great reduction in fuel system cost while increasing vehicle safety at the same time. This increase in safety has not yet been attained in the previous alternative fuel-system industry.

In conventional gaseous fuel-delivery systems, the fuel is transported at high pressure to the engine bay where the pressure is reduced prior to delivery to the engine. A large amount of high-pressure gas is contained in the fuel-delivery lines at all times. The IMPCO patented in-tank regulator reduces the pressure of the gas prior to exiting the tank. An additional safety feature includes automatic regulator fuel-flow shut-off in the event of an emergency.