Hybrid Power System targets DoD’s GREENS Installations

June 24, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Arotech Corporation today announced a new Man Portable Hybrid Power Management System that its Battery and Power Division's UEC Electronics subsidiary unveiled to the United States Department of Defense (DoD). This latest 3.5kW system is a prototype which satisfies an upcoming solicitation for the Mobile Electric Hybrid Power System Lite (MEHPS-Lite). Following the success of the Division's Ground Renewable Expeditionary Energy Network System (GREENS), this hybrid system is designed to optimize efficiency and extend the life of generators by reducing generator run time by up to 70%. This enables reduced fuel consumption, reduced maintenance burden, as well as improved logistical support. While not dependent on solar, the system is also able to collect and store up to 3kW of solar energy.

Numerous reports throughout the DoD concluded the preponderance of generators are used well below capacity. UEC Electronics' latest Hybrid Power Management System addresses this problem head-on. A generator is automatically turned on only when the battery state of charge (SOC) falls below a certain limit and provides power to the load. All excess energy produced is used to charge the battery array, making full use of generator output.

Rebecca Ufkes, President of UEC Electronics, stated, "The US Department of Defense is looking for cost savings. GREENS saved the Marine Corps millions of dollars in fuel in its first year. The technology is mature and is combat proven. We believe there is a substantial need for this technology and all the feedback we have received from operational forces has been favorable."

Mr. Robert S. Ehrlich, Chairman and CEO of Arotech, commented, "While the prototype unit was unveiled to the US Department of Defense, we believe this is a real game-changing technology and very relevant for the commercial world as well. There are many commercial applications where providing fuel to generators is problematic which this technology solves. We believe that our continued investment R&D opens new addressable markets and puts us in a better position for long-term growth and success."