Hua Hong Semi targets NEVs with FS IGBT Expertise

July 19, 2016 by Jeff Shepard

Hua Hong Semiconductor Ltd. today announced that it will leverage its expertise in IGBT technology to tap potentials in the new energy vehicle (NEV) market and accelerate the local production of chips for NEVs. Hua Hong Semiconductor, the world's first 200mm foundry delivering technologies for volume production of Field-Stop (FS) IGBT, succeeded in ramp-up of 1200V non-punch-through (NPT) IGBT from its 200mm production line in 2011, and 600V-1200V FS IGBT in 2013, and remains committed to developing more sophisticated FS IGBT. Building on its constant R&D and innovation, the Company collaborated with its partners and they have introduced technologies for 600V, 1200V and 1700V IGBT and solved some critical IGBT process problems such as silicon warpage and backside processing capability.

Moreover, the Company has identified a roadmap towards higher voltage and current, NEV and ultra-high voltage power electronics markets to gain a solid foothold in the global competition. Demonstrating proven expertise in FS IGBT backside processing, Hua Hong Semiconductor is the only foundry in China possessing a complete set of IGBT backside processing technologies, such as backside thin wafer, ion injection, laser annealing and metallization.

Through years of development, Company has accumulated plentiful experience in production of IGBT that delivers technical performance comparable to leading global corporations within the industry. This has not only positioned Hua Hong Semiconductor as a leader in IGBT manufacturing, but also drives local production progress of IGBT technologies.

NEV will see tremendous momentum in China in the near future, as contemplated by the State Council's Report on Work of the Government 2016 - "China will actively develop and promote new energy vehicles represented by electric vehicle (EV), and speed up construction of parking lots and charging infrastructure in cities", and identified by China's 13th Five-year Plan, including initiatives to introduce NEVs in the bus and taxi fleets. China has become the No. 1 automobile market in the world since 2010 and its annual NEV production and accumulated NEV sales will reach 2 million units and surpass 5 million units respectively by 2020.

IGBT, especially FS IGBT delivering better performance, is indispensable for the core module of EVs, and, as anticipated, it will see the biggest growth opportunity from hybrid and pure EVs. Motor inverter in the core of EV powertrain will give a strong impetus to IGBT modules. With abundant experience in the field of automotive electronics, Hua Hong Semiconductor has built a zero-defect management pattern in compliance with ISO/TS16949 and VDA 6.3 (Quality audit standard of German automotive industry) of multiple customers, which underlines the successful deployment of its customers' MOSFETs and SJNFETs (Super Junction MOSFETs) in automotive electronics. With outstanding full set FS IGBT backside processing competence, Company is the best positioned foundry to ride on the strong momentum of the NEV market.

"As the world's first and largest 200mm foundry for power discretes, Hua Hong Semiconductor provides a full spectrum of solutions ranging from low to high voltage for green energy applications, and tailors various power devices according to customers' requirements. Besides, we are accelerating R&D of 6500V ultra-high voltage IGBT technologies for high-end industrial and energy applications, to consolidate our leadership in the global power discrete sector," said Mr. Fan Heng, Executive Vice President of Hua Hong Semiconductor.

"Building upon its manufacturing expertise, the Company will take advantage of the strong NEV momentum to provide customers with advanced and reliable IGBT manufacturing services and contribute more to local production of IGBT chips."