General Dynamics Taps Ultralife to Power Land Warriors

January 12, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Ultralife Batteries Inc. received a battery and charger production order from General Dynamics C4 Systems valued at approximately $1.4 million. The contract is for lithium ion rechargeable batteries as well as vehicle, bulk and individual Soldier-based chargers, part of the equipment being delivered to General Dynamics for use in a Stryker battalion operational assessment.

The products being supplied include: Ultralife's UBBL06 (LI-145) Rechargeable battery, which is a lightweight, rugged, high-energy 16.8 volt, 9.4 Ah lithium ion rechargeable SMBus v1.1 compliant smart battery with a state-of-charge indicator; the CH0006 3-Bay Vehicle Based Charger, which is a 3-battery rugged Smart Level-3 charger mounted in different variants of the Stryker Vehicle; the CH0008 Individual Soldier Based Charger Kit, which is a rugged Smart Level-2 charger with global input voltage and frequency capability; and the CH0017 12-Bay Bulk Charger Kit, which is a 12-battery rugged Smart Level-3 charger with AC and DC power source options, having the capability for various field uses, on a vehicle or in a depot setting.

"Our power systems engineering services capabilities, combined with our superb track record of developing and supplying industry-leading battery and charger designs demonstrates our ability to move highly-engineered products from design into production. These capabilities are proving to be a key competitive advantage for us as the demand for our products continues to grow," stated John D. Kavazanjian, Ultralife's president and CEO in a statement.

Land Warrior is an integrated, modular fighting system that uses technology to enhance individual soldiers' close-combat tactical awareness, lethality and survivability. The system includes weapon-mounted sensors, an integrated helmet assembly, a communications-navigation computer system and software for friendly-force tracking and command/control programs. Featuring seamless connectivity to the General Dynamics Stryker combat vehicle, the Land Warrior - Stryker Interoperable portion of the program will undergo a comprehensive operational assessment and a Limited User Test this summer.

In February 2004, Ultralife received a $2.7 million development contract from General Dynamics to design and develop the batteries and chargers to equip Land Warrior ensembles with an advanced man-portable power system. Deliveries against the new production order will begin this month and be completed by the end of March.