FMD Announces New Battery Charger Design Kits

March 30, 2014 by Jeff Shepard

Fremont Micro Devices USA Inc. (FMD) today announced four new design kits for the FT838 family of low power off-line constant-current/constant-voltage switch devices. The design kits reduce the design time of ac-dc battery charger, adaptor, and stand-by power supply designs. The FT838 is housed in two different package types. The FT838D is in the 5 lead SOT23-5 package and the FT838N is in the 8 lead SOP-8 package. The specifications of the four Design Kits are: FT838D2- 5V 2.1A; FT838D2- 5V 1.2A; FT838D2- 12V 0.5A; and FT838NB2- 5V 1A.

“The design kits include a functional evaluation module plus the schematic, bill of materials, PCB layout, and EMI test results for both 5V and 12V battery charger and SMPS design.” said Jim Panfil, Vice President Sales and Marketing, for Fremont Micro Devices USA. “These tools accelerate time to market because the evaluation board is fully functional and debugged. The schematic includes a wiring circuit diagram and electrical specifications.” He added. The FT838 CC/CV switch has a direct drive to a bipolar junction transistor (NPN) or MOS switch. The low operating current reduces the Vcc hold up capacitance requirement. The extremely low start-up and operating current reduces power consumption which improves system reliability. The integrated under Voltage Lockout and Leading Edge Banking provides the user a high efficiency and low cost solution.

The FT838 reference designs are expected to speed time-to-market for high-performance, low-power switch-mode power supply applications. The FT838D in an SOT23-5 package has a list price of $0.09 for volume orders of 10,000 units. The FT838N in an SOP-8 package has a list price of $0.11 for volume orders of 10,000 units. The design kit is available from stock.