Fairchild to Present Space-Saving, Energy-Efficient Ideas at PPDC

March 08, 2006 by Jeff Shepard

Fairchild Semiconductor technologists will present innovative design ideas on optimizing system power, even in the most space- and power-constrained applications, at this year's Portable Power Developer's Conference (PPDC '06). Being held April 3-5, 2006 in Richardson, Texas, PPDC is the only conference dedicated to efficient energy utilization and advanced power management in portable electronic devices. Fairchild Semiconductor provides products and resources to meet the designer's needs, leading to more effective power management in today's portable applications.

The following papers will be presented by Fairchild technologists; "The Challenge of Optimizing Power in Portable Applications," by Shihab Kuran, "Integrated Power Modules: The Power Conversion Industry Coming Into Its Own," by AlanElbanhawy, "A Boost Converter with a Resonant Circuit for Reduced Switching Losses in Ultra Portable Applications," by Simon Oh, "Video in Your Pocket," Bill Laumeister, and "Novel SerDes Implementation Eliminates Power-and-Throughput Dilemma in Ultra-Portable Designs," by Jeff Ju

"With more functionality constantly being squeezed into cell phones, handsets, notebooks and other portable applications, designers are always looking for ways to improve power efficiency without sacrificing performance," notes Dr. Reno Rossetti, senior director, Strategy, Analog Product Group, and author of the recently published book Managing Power Electronics: VLSI and DSP-Driven Computer Systems. "To answer this market trend, Fairchild offers an industry-leading portfolio of power components and the expertise to apply this advanced technology in innovative ways."