Emerald Tech and EnerDel Sign MOU for Zero-Emission Refrigeration Systems

April 08, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Emerald Technology Partners and EnerDel, Inc. signed a strategic memorandum-of-understanding (MOU) to further develop EnerDel's lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery for commercialization with the WedWayâ„¢ Refrigeration Power System. Under the agreement, EnerDel will fully integrate its Li-ion battery system as the power source for Emerald's full-scale refrigeration system. EnerDel has already provided a prototype system currently in service on a semi-trailer owned by Caspers Company, which owns fast-food restaurants throughout Florida.

“Emerald Technology Partners has developed impressive technology that converts the kinetic energy captured from a semi-trailer’s wheel rotation into power,” stated EnerDel CEO David Roberts. “The power is stored for use via EnerDel’s Li-ion battery system, which serves as the power source to operate the refrigeration or freezer unit inside a semi-trailer while stationary. We’re excited to collaborate with Emerald on this program, which we believe will have dramatic impact in reducing costs and lowering carbon emissions for perishable transport.”

Field testing has been completed and the Wedway has been in service with Caspers Company since January of this year. Production is staged for a limited market in the central Florida area with four major companies. EnerDel will also provide the Li-ion battery system for Emerald’s production-scale manufacturing needs.

With a WedWay Refrigeration Power System, the cost to operate a refrigerated or “reefer” semi-trailer for perishable transport is lowered by removing the dedicated fuel system. This reduces the overall weight of the semi-trailer and provides the opportunity for added cargo weight. The technology allows for power to be stored for use while the trailer is stationary for 12-24 hours. During an extended deliver the unit can also be plugged into shore power, running the system and charging the batteries simultaneously.

Emerald Technology Partners estimates that the saving will reach into the tens of billions of dollars annually once the majority of owner/operator and corporate fleets employ the technology. EnerDel’s patent-pending Li -ion battery system includes separate charge and load circuits, which manages the power demands for the WedWay Refrigeration Power System including the electrical load and energy sources for both the on-board generator and external power. EnerDel’s system incorporates a 24-volt Li-ion battery, which is available for other customers’ low-voltage application needs.