Delta Electronics Exhibiting Branded Solutions at Techno Frontier

July 21, 2014 by Power Pulse1595211359

Delta Electronics, Inc. is exhibiting its own branded energy-efficient solutions for the first time at Techno Frontier 2014. Under the brand promise of "Smarter. Greener. Together." Delta's industrial automation, data center infrastructure, electric vehicle charging, networking, and renewable energy solutions are being positioned to help Japan alleviate its critical energy issues. For example, Delta is demonstrating its "Smart Metering Communications Platform" for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) applications. With AMI deployment, utility companies can obtain energy demand information rapidly, enabling them to respond and distribute power more efficiently. And earlier this month, Delta opened a new research and development center in Shinagawa, Japan, that is devoted to research in integrating power and energy savings and providing innovative services.

“Our corporate mission is ‘to provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,’ stated Delta’s chairman Yancey Hai during a press conference hosted prior to the opening of Techno Frontier. “The main pillars of delta’s focus on innovation are our core competence in power electronics and our strong R&D capabilities. We have evolved amid market challenges and created two new major business categories, Energy management and Smart Green Life, which will contribute to mankind’s fight against global warning and energy shortages.

“From 2010 to 2013, Delta’s energy-efficient products and solutions have helped customers achieve up to 11.9 billion kWh in energy savings, which is equal to a reduction of 6.4 million tons of carbon emissions. Delta strives to enhance the competitiveness of our customers as well as protect the environment,” Mr. Hai concluded.

Following up on Mr. Hai’s comments, Mr. H.C. Ko, general manager of Delta Electronics Japan said, “We support the leading telecom carrier in Japan with smart energy management solutions that boast the world’s highest energy conversion efficiency at 97.5% and the high power density of 56.8 W/cubic inch, along with networking equipment that is currently empowering the next-generation 4G LET wave. Delta’s high-efficiency designs can not only reduce the cost of infrastructure, but also the maintenance and operation costs such as from changing traditional fan filters. Delta’s telecom power solutions can help telecom carriers achieve substantial energy savings,” Mr. Ko concluded.

For renewable energy, Delta is exhibiting a PV inverter that claims the highest energy conversion efficiency in the Japanese market (JIS standards) of over 96.5%. Its anti-corrosion design is especially suited for conditions in Japan such as costal humidity and limited installation space. For EV charging solutions, Delta is exhibiting 12 dc-power E V quick chargers with 94% efficiency and anti-corrosion design for stable charging in the humid Japanese climate.

In the energy management category, Delta has succeeded in delivering several integrated solutions such as a 2MW solar PV installation on Awaji Island and hybrid energy management solutions at Tohoku University. From front-end design and installation to back-end system management, delta offers complete branded services for integrated LED lighting electronics, EV charging, and solar energy.