Daintree and Marvell Team to Deliver Integrated Wireless LED Driver Solution for Smart Lighting

April 14, 2013 by Jeff Shepard

Daintree Networks, Inc. and Marvell Semiconductor, Inc. today announced their collaboration to provide open-standard ZigBee® wireless capability integrated into smart lighting products. The joint effort is focused initially on using Marvell semiconductor products to enable integrated wireless LED drivers that allow LED fixtures to interoperate with Daintree’s open-standard ControlScope™ solution. Orama, Inc. is the first company implementing this capability into its driver product line. Fixture manufacturers using integrated open-standard wireless LED drivers will gain access to expanding revenue opportunities in commercial and industrial wireless lighting.

By implementing integrated wireless LED drivers, fixture manufacturers eliminate the need for a separate wireless adapter commonly used in today’s deployments of commercial wireless lighting control. Installation is also easier with integrated wireless drivers. Drivers are pre-installed during factory fixture assembly, eliminating more expensive field assembly often required when connecting separate wireless adapters to standard drivers. Integration dramatically reduces total equipment, installation and commissioning project costs by $75 to $100 per fixture, enabling rapid market adoption of wireless control solutions by building owners and operators.

Unlike existing analog control, integrated digital wireless control allows users to experience the full potential of LED lighting and energy management. This includes the ability to add advanced LED control features such as tunable white color control and granular device-level power and performance monitoring.

“The growing demand for standards-based wireless lighting control is leading LED fixture manufacturers to add wireless capability to enable complete end-to-end solutions,” says Danny Yu, Daintree’s CEO. “Marvell shares our vision of directly integrating ZigBee wireless ICs to enable fixtures that work seamlessly with ControlScope. We are pleased to be teaming with Marvell to fully qualify Marvell’s ZigBee IC platform on ControlScope and to be developing joint solutions for the market. We are excited that Orama is adopting our combined solution and taking a leading product position with its integrated wireless LED driver. The lighting product community is rapidly realizing that open standards is the right way to go wireless. Open standards foster a large market that drives down cost and development time for vendors as well as improves product selection at lower prices for building managers.”

“As a leading LED driver and wireless semiconductor provider and a strong advocate of open standards and interoperability, Marvell is pleased to collaborate with Daintree and Orama to drive mass adoption of wireless smart lighting control,” says Kishore Manghnani, Vice President of Green Technology Products, Marvell. “This capability of having built-in wireless at the fixture and driver level has the potential to dramatically increase the adoption of this technology.”

“I am excited to be working with Marvell and Daintree to deliver the industry’s first integrated wireless driver control at the fixture level,” says Jason Huang, General Manager at Orama. “Lighting professionals can now easily and cost-effectively include wireless control in their lighting designs.”

As part of the collaboration, Marvell and Orama have also joined Daintree’s ControlScope Connected partner program. The ControlScope Connected program, launched in January of 2011 and currently over twenty-five members strong, is an alliance of manufacturers of lighting and other commercial building control devices that can be part of a wireless control network using ZigBee, an open standard communication protocol. These initiatives support Daintree’s ongoing commitment to using and promoting open standards in building controls.