Cymbet Launches EnerChip RF Induction Charger Evaluation Kit

August 04, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Cymbet Corp. announced that it has released the EnerChip™ RF Induction Charger evaluation kit CBC-EVAL-11 into global distribution. This kit is described as an easy way for electronics designers to experiment with near field RF (Radio Frequency) charging of EnerChip CC rechargeable solid state energy storage devices. The near field RF Induction method of supplying "wireless power" is described as an excellent contactless solution for recharging the EnerChip and has many applications. The EVAL-11 kit includes an RF charging transmitter board, a USB cable to power the transmitter board from a PC, and an EnerChip CC CBC3150-based receiver board. The receiver board has a connector for a Texas Instruments eZ430-RF2500T wireless network endpoint device. This combination enables designers to experiment with the concept of RF Induction charging for wireless sensor nodes.

Near field RF Induction charging has been used for several years in consumer and medical products to charge internal batteries. With millions of handheld, battery-based devices being shipped every month new types of RF Induction-based charging pads have been introduced to the market.

"Customers are asking us to couple RF Induction charging techniques with the EnerChip CC," said Steve Grady, Cymbet’s VP of Global Marketing. "They are integrating this EnerChip charging technology into innovative devices such as reusable smart patches, data loggers and wireless sensors. The convenient small form factor enables new compact designs."