Comverge Unveils Vision for Intelligent Energy Management

October 19, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

Comverge, Inc. unveiled its vision for Intelligent Energy Management, the next-generation of software, hardware, and services that help electric utilities, commercial and industrial (C+I) organizations and consumers optimize energy usage. According to the company, by addressing today’s energy challenges and managing the complexities of the smart grid, Intelligent Energy Management build’s on its long history of pioneering innovative programs that directly address complex supply and demand challenges.

"Balancing supply and demand across our electricity grid has always been critical to avoiding needless waste, expense, black outs and excess carbon dioxide emissions. Complexities from the smart grid will only bring additional challenges," said Comverge President and CEO, R. Blake Young. "We have been working with customers for more than 30 years to manage these complexities and that experience puts Comverge in the perfect place to deliver Intelligent Energy Management solutions. By leveraging two-way information exchange and incorporating innovative enterprise-class software capabilities, we are able to serve all customer classes and support the integration of next generation applications for renewables, PEVs and dynamic pricing."

With outages and issues with power quality already costing U.S. businesses more than $100 billion each year, it is clear that the current electricity grid is unable to effectively balance supply and demand. The introduction of sustainable and "smart" technologies such as electric vehicles and renewable energy resources increases the complexity by placing further strain on a system built on technologies developed more than 100 years ago. Intelligent Energy Management mitigates these challenges and gives providers and consumers of energy the insight and control they need to make informed decisions about usage.

By enabling greater visibility into energy consumption data and trends, Intelligent Energy Management can help utility companies more accurately predict demand, control supplies and cut the expense, inefficiency and carbon pollution associated with bringing peak power plants online.

Intelligent Energy Management can also help commercial and industrial users cut their overall energy footprint, lower electricity bills, more easily comply with new energy- and environment-focused regulations, and enhance their brand reputations and marketability to increasingly green-minded customers.

By gaining both real-time and historic insights into their consumption patterns, consumers can better understand how to save energy, reduce their power expenses and control their usage to take advantage of lower-cost, off-peak billing.