Arotech Demos Ultracapacitor/Zinc-Air HEV

November 09, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Arotech Corp. (New York) announced that its zero-emission, all-electric bus was successfully demonstrated in Schenectady and Albany, NY. The two demonstration drives of the Electric Fuel bus drew extensive television coverage, with participation by dozens of reporters and members of the Department of Transportation (DOT)/Federal Transit Administration (FTA) appointed Peer Review Committee.

The demonstration and the Peer Review meeting are among the last tasks of Phase III of the zinc-air, all-electric transit bus program with the FTA. Members of the Peer Review Committee, set up by the DOT/FTA to evaluate the program, rode the bus in Schenectady. Phase IV of the FTA cost-shared program will begin next month. It will explore steps necessary for commercializing the all-electric, zinc-air/ultracapacitor hybrid bus. Electric Fuel is working with an undisclosed company on finding alternative zinc available from existing zinc-producing facilities.

The bus is powered by the company's Electric Fuel zinc-air fuel cell technology. Coupled with a pack of advanced ultracapacitors and an improved energy management system, the hybrid all-electric bus has zero tailpipe emissions. In a recent test, the bus traveled 145 miles under typical city bus driving conditions, including stop and go, acceleration, and constant speed. The Electric Fuel All-Electric Transit Bus is designed to operate as a full-size, zero-emission, 40ft bus having a 20-ton gross vehicle weight (including passengers) and operating all standard bus features, including air conditioning.