Ansoft Announces NEC Semi Device Library

April 01, 2003 by Jeff Shepard

Ansoft Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA) announced the release of a new device library based on NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices Ltd.'s discrete, low-noise, bipolar transistors for use within Ansoft Designer™. The new device library contains electrical models of NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices' transistor products for use in general-purpose, high-frequency designs. The devices are key building blocks in the development of microwave frequency circuits and subsystems. The library improves design accuracy by supplying vendor-authorized device models directly as ready-to-use components.

The library is available from NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices' website and is easily downloaded and configured for use within Ansoft Designer. The site provides Ansoft Designer users with the ability to search for components by name, performance data or other specification. NEC Compound Semiconductor Devices will maintain model support and upgrades, while Ansoft will address all customer support for Ansoft Designer.