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Schurter’s IP 67 Power Entry Module with Circuit Breaker adds CCC Approval

April 19, 2021 by Hailey Stewart

This article highlights SCHURTER's DG11 series power entry  module has received CCC approval in addition to ENEC and cURus approvals, paving  its entry into the China market.

IP 67 Power entry module with circuit breaker adds CCC Approval 

Santa Rosa, California – SCHURTER’s DG11 series power entry  module has received CCC approval in addition to ENEC and cURus approvals, paving  its entry into the China market. The compact unit, which integrates a 2-pole circuit  breaker, is rated up to 10 A at 250 V. It is a first-of-its-kind power entry module with  optional IP67 rated versions. 


Image courtesy of SCHURTER
Image courtesy of SCHURTER


The IP67 version of the DG11 is achieved with a flange gasket secured to the front  panel with gasketed screws. The cover over the circuit breaker is factory mounted. The  IP40 versions feature snap-in mounting for 1 to 3 mm panels; Screw mount variations  with top or side flanges are screwed to the front or rear panel. 

The DG11 incorporates SCHURTER’s TA35 circuit breaker for equipment, available with current ratings from 0.5  A to 15 A. It functions as a 2-pole switch only, or with 1- or 2-pole overcurrent protection. The rocker switch is  recessed to prevent inadvertent actuation. It is available illuminated or non-illuminated in a variety of colors and  markings.  

Power entry modules with resettable circuit protection provide an alternative to those that accept fuses with power dissipation limitations. The higher current ratings are also well suited for industrial appliances, especially  motor drive appliances for protection against high inrush currents and high transient loads. The sealed version i s  ideal for use in appliances exposed to water or dust, such as medical and laboratory ultrasonic cleaners,  overhead stirrers and shaking water baths. Commercial cooking appliances and power tools are other examples.  

The DG11 features V-Lock cord retaining compatibility. It is rated 10 A at 250 VAC according to IEC and 15 A at  125/250 VAC according to UL/CSA. A version with EMC filter, series DG12, is also available. Pricing for the  DG11 is $21.88 each per 100 pieces for the IP40 version and $31.98 each for the IP67 version. Packaging is 10  pieces per box. Data sheet link for the DG11 is For sales and  product



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