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Saelig Unveils 4-channel 100 MHz Battery-powered Oscilloscope

August 19, 2022 by Gary Elinoff

Aimed at automotive applications, the Micsig SATO1004 is a portable, tablet-style oscilloscope that can operate for five hours on a single charge.

The SATO1005 can take a total of one gigasamples per second and can hold 32 million memory readings, providing the new oscilloscope with powerful analytical capabilities. Because the new device comes armed with what Saelig describes as a comprehensive package of “auto diagnostic presets,” users can get on with their analytical tasks with minimal preparation.

Saelig Oscilloscope
The Micsig SATO1004. Image used courtesy of Saelig


Illustrated above, the SATO1004 features an 8-inch thin film transistor (TFT) liquid crystal display screen combined with classic button and knob controls to make it simple for any user to get onto the task at hand easily and efficiently.


Aimed Specifically at Automotive Analysis

The SATO1004 is a comprehensive device purposed for a wide range of automotive development, testing and maintenance tasks. The company lists a variety of systems and components that the versatile unit can monitor and study in great detail. 

Mechanical systems that the oscilloscope can be applied to include the anti-lock braking system (ABS), accelerator pedal, throttle position, fuel pressure, airflow meter, crankshaft, camshaft, knocking (uneven fuel combustion in the vehicle’s cylinders), and intake manifold pressure (MAP). Starting, charging and charging ripple for both 12 and 24-volt systems can be analyzed, as can the cranking current sensors, actuators and ignition.

Automotive networks, including CAN, LIN, Flex ray and K line, can also be studied under real-world operating conditions.


Controlling the SATO1004 

The automotive oscilloscope is a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic tool that comes with an ‘automobile diagnostic presets’ package, powerful signal capture and analysis capabilities, as well as smart bus trigger and decode features that include: UART, LIN, SPI, CAN, I2C, 1553B, 429, etc. It also supports PC and smartphone remote control.


Other Features and Specifications

The device can operate either two or four channels, and each channel can be turned on or off at any timer. Screen recordings and screenshots can be stored in memory, and Fast Fourier Transform analysis is supported.

The unit features 256-level intensity grading and color temperature display, with real-time auto ranging to accommodate any signal change.

Eight types of intelligent triggers are available, and up to 31 auto measurements are simultaneously available on one screen display.


Remote Output Display

The scope features a built-in HDMI output, which makes it possible for the scope's live screen images to be displayed on projectors for demonstration and educational purposes. This is also possible through LAN or WiFi networks. 


Made for Realistic Operating Conditions

Because it is seldom practical to test and study a gas-powered vehicle in a laboratory setting, the SATO1004 was designed to be a truly portable device sporting an internal 7.5 amp-hour lithium-ion battery. Because the testing arena can be a challenging environment for an oscilloscope, the unit sports an auto-calibration function to ensure measurement accuracy. If, however, benchtop operation is called for, the device can operate continuously through an external 12-volt power supply adapter.



The standard kit includes a selection of automotive probes. An extended Master Kit is also available, with extra pairs of multimeter probes and a secondary pickup. A hard case is included with the latter option.

Physical Considerations

An eminently portable device, the SATO1004 is only 50 mm tall, 265 mm wide and 192 mm deep. It weighs in at 1.9 kg.


About the Saelig and Micsig Companies

Micsig, a Shenzhen-based company, is the actual manufacturer of the SATO1004. Saelig is their American distributor, based in Rochester, New York. In the words of CEO Alan Lowne, the company searches “the world for unique electronic control components and test and measurement equipment.” Other offerings are displayed on their website.


Feature image used courtesy of Saelig.