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Pulser Eighth Brick – Optimized Power for Pulsed Loads

November 06, 2018 by Paul Shepard

Glary Power Technology has revealed its proprietary Pulsed-load-signal-estimator (Pulser) feedback structure by introducing the newly-released 12V/300W Pulser Series high efficiency eighth brick dc-dc converter, which is designed with patented “Buck-reset Forward” topology and proprietary partial-resonant SR circuit technology to achieve high conversion efficiency.

It will be demonstrated during next week’s 2018 Electronica Munich trade fair, where the unit will be loaded with 10% to 90% (2.5A to 22.5A) of pulsed-load continuously running for 8 hours of each exhibition date and present its groundbreaking transient load performance.

The loop bandwidth of the Pulser converter is increased by eliminating the conventional optical feedback device from its voltage feedback loop, and one of the poles blocked on 5- to 10-kHz is also removed from the loop, and resulting in astonishing stability and performance. The removal of the conventional optical feedback device also reduces the reliability impact from high temperature and harsh radiation environmental conditions.

The output impedance of the converter is significantly reduced, enabling the converter to have nearly zero output voltage transient deviation when a typical 25% step load change was applied. Furthermore, compared with other designs, the Pulser converter can suppress the output voltage transient deviation caused by a 10% to 90% of step load, and improves the transient volt-sec product by a factor of 30.

By adapting the unique full-metal enclosed package design, the Pulser converter exhibits a high standard of environmental performance. All the power semiconductor chips are attached to the inner surface of the low-profile metallic case to evenly spread the heat to the outer surface, resulting in lower thermal resistance with forced-air cooling.

The double-side cooling design with four screws through the package allows the unit to be fixed for high-temperature dusty environments with harsh vibration, and the vacuum potting helps evenly distributing the heat of the transfer and allowing the converter to effectively maintain hydrostatic pressure balance to withstand 1mBar to 100Bar of instant pressure change.

All the design efforts devoted in the Pulser converter simplify system power designs for critical pulsed-loads applications in extreme environments such as deep-water probes, pulsed-laser equipment, pulsed emitters, RF amplifiers, high altitude instruments and similar equipment that other power converter designs cannot serve.