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Power Boxes for Automotive Electrical Subsystems

April 03, 2018 by Paul Shepard

The REDline Power Boxes from Würth Elektronik ICS stand out for their high cost efficiency combined with the possibility of custom circuit board configuration and functionalities.

The REDline Power Boxes are characterized by high cost efficiency, which is based on the standardization of the housing, with simultaneous custom configuration of the circuit board and thus the functionalities.

With the platform concept of the REDline Power Boxes various applications can be implemented and requirements can be fulfilled. The mounting and removal of the lid can be done without tools. The high IP protection classes guarantee a high degree of security. Custom specific projects can be realized quick and uncomplicated – starting with the circuit diagram to the finished product.

The advantages of our REDline Power Boxes summarized:

  • Decentralization of the electrical systems is possible
  • The boxes can be mounted on different positions in the vehicle
  • Simply mountable or replaceable
  • High IP protection classes
  • Cost-effective solutions for decentral wiring systems
  • Perfectly suited for the implementation of different vehicle options
  • Quick and simple system design cycle

With the REDline PB Medium and REDline PB Hybrid Würth Elektronik ICS offers two application-specific versions of the REDline Power Boxes.

REDline Power Box Medium

The REDLine Power Box Medium is a compact solution designed for decentralization and space saving of sub-distribution boards and optional functions in the vehicle.

Functions can be brought close to the physical load which not only reduce the size of the central electrical unit but also the complexity of the wiring harness. Integrating ICCS small controllers and Micro CAN modules enables the connection to a CAN network and by this way the possibility to implement various functionalities.


  • Standard box with customized PCB
  • IP64 (dust-proof/ protection against splashing water)
  • Tool-free service lid mounting
  • Operating temperature range -40°C – +85°C
  • 2 power connections
  • Free allocation or blind (closed)
  • Safe and easy service access
  • Following components can be implemented:
    • Micro-, Mini-, Power relays, and ISO280 (USA)
    • Mini, ATO and/or Maxi-fuses, etc.
  • Compact size 179 mm x 140 mm x 62 mm
  • Optional CAN connectivity

REDline Power Box Hybrid

The REDline Power Box Hybrid integrates circuit board technology with copper bus bar technology for high current distribution.

This enables to separate and protect the main potentials near the battery as well as to directly switch and secure consumers next to the battery. Individual configuration variants can be realized with different copper bars.


  • High current fuses and relay box
  • Directly mounted above the vehicles battery
  • Safe distribution of power wires to loads in the vehicle
  • Temperature range: -40 °C up to +85 °C
  • IP protection classes:
    • Board area: IP54
    • Mega / Midi Fuse area: IP20
  • Compact size 237.5 x 205.5 x 58 mm
  • Multiple outputs: different types of connection are possible
  • Variable adjustable PCB
    • No need for adjustments at the housing
    • Fast Re-design-cycles