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PCIM Europe 2019 with ProtonElectrotex

May 20, 2019 by Proton-Electrotex

Proton-Electrotex has presented single-component diode and thyristor modules with a 50-mm wide baseplate (type B0) at PCIM Europe 2019.

Proton-Electrotex took part in the international exhibition PCIM Europe 2019!

To stay relevant on the modern fast-paced market, it is essential for every company to monitor the latest trends and offer its customers competitive products and technologies. To achieve it, we participate in the most significant global events. This time Proton-Electrotex took part in the main annual event of the power electronics industry – PCIM Europe 2019.

Year after year this event remains a great opportunity to get in touch with technicians, designers, partners and buyers operating in the electronics industry.

In 2019 PCIM Europe once again surpassed the market’s high expectations.

Proton-Electrotex takes part in this event for 20 years and traditionally presents its latest research and new products there. Besides, we showcase samples of existing portfolio already known to our customers.

This time Proton-Electrotex has presented single-component diode and thyristor modules with a 50-mm wide baseplate (type B0).


Main Benefits of the B0 Modules

  • Highest reliability
  • Easy mounting
  • Effective usage of heatsink


Main Features

  • Pressure contact technology
  • Industry standard package
  • Electrically insulated baseplate (3kV AC, 50Hz, 1min), on special request: 7kV AC.
  • Partial discharge: less than 10 pC (2860V)

Besides, the company introduced a modified version of the Full-SiC Module MCDA.


Module Features

  • Full-SiC module with latest generation SiC MOSFET and SiC SBD
  • Low stray inductance (<10nH) in standard footprint
  • Switching cell topology
  • H-Bridge (250A) or Phase leg (500A)
  • Low RDS (on) (
  • Optimized gate-source circuit
  • AIN substrate
  • AISiC baseplate
  • Low die thermal coupling


Module Advantages

  • Standard footprint
  • Low conduction and ultra-low switching losses
  • Fast and clean switching with minimum voltage overshoot and ringing
  • Excellent die current sharing
  • High thermal performance
  • High thermal cycling performance


System Benefits

  • High-frequency operation
  • Design flexibility and small size
  • System cost reduction

The Lead Research Engineer of Proton-Electrotex D. Malyy successfully presented his research “Fast Switching yet Cost Effective: Ultra-Fast IGBT Modules Compete SiC in High-Frequency Applications”, while the New Technology Engineer D. Titushkin held a poster session “High Voltage Thyristors with Self-protection Elements in Cases Beyond Safe Operation Mode”.

Some key figures from this year’s edition of PCIM Europe:

  • Exhibition Area: 25000 m2
  • Visitors: 12182
  • Conference participants: 804
  • Exhibitors: 515
  • Lectures: 333


About Proton-Electrotex

Proton-Electrotex is one of the Russian leaders in the design and manufacture of power semiconductor diodes, thyristors, modules, coolers, IGBTs (IGBTs), as well as power units for use in various electric energy converters. The company was founded and began production in 1996 on the leased premises of the Proton plant. Since then, Proton-Electrotex has developed its own infrastructure for the entire production cycle. Production is equipped with modern production lines, measuring equipment of our own production and areas for “clean technologies” with full compliance with the requirements for electronic products and microelectronics.