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One-Chip PMIC for Energy Harvesting Systems

July 30, 2015 by Jeff Shepard

Start-up SiliconReef has begun shipping the EH01, a complete power management solution for a variety of energy-harvesting applications, providing a small and simple solution combining power from different sources: a dc wall adapter, photovoltaic cells and a Li-Ion battery. This device enables a simple implementation of a 5V supply, like a USB charger compatible with the ITU standard for the Universal Charging Solution (L.1000).

Using a high efficiency dc-dc converter the EH01 converts the voltage from the panel to a stable 5V output. In addition a Li-Ion battery charger (with numerous protection features) stores the excess energy from the panel in an external battery. This battery then complements the energy to the dc-dc converter when needed. The EH01 also provides an interface for battery status monitoring. This can be done via a simple button making a LED pulse or via a microcontroller based serial communication.

Features include: Complete all-in-one management of energy-harvesting process; Works with both solar panels or conventional wall adapters; Regulated 5V output power port withstanding currents up to 1.2A (see 1.2A solar/wall USB charger application); Operation mode consumption below 5mW; Total conversion efficiency above 90%; Stand-by consumption less than 500μW; and battery monitoring via LED or serial interface

Tiago Lins CTO and Co-Founder said "The natural evolution for SiliconReef was to embark on the journey of becoming a Fabless Semiconductor organization. With the release of EH01 our Product Development Strategy is now a reality, early feedback on the unique features of EH01 are very positive and we are excited about the impact EH01 will have in the market place! This innovative product is now available.”