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Low Profile Series of TVS Diodes for Surge Protection with Standoff Ratings of 12V to 58V

May 08, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Bourns, Inc. introduced two new TVS diode surge protection series designed to meet the component miniaturization demanded in today's highly integrated and high power density designs. Bourns® Model SMF4L and Model SMF4L-Q Series come in a compact, low profile surface mount SOD-123FL package with a height of 1.125mm, which is 50% smaller than the company's previous generation SMAJ Series TVS diodes.

Bourns optimized these high-reliability ESD and voltage transient protection devices for data-line, dc power supplies and a wide variety of telecom, computer, industrial and consumer electronics applications including protection of power buses, protection of I/O interfaces, and overvoltage transient protection.

Both product series have standoff voltages of 12V to 58V and a peak pulse power dissipation of 400W at 10/1000μs.

The new series of TVS diodes for surge protection provides a silicon diode with minimal packaging overhead. The small signal 0603, 1005, and 1206 Chip Diodes are lead-free with Cu/Ni/Au plated terminations while the other packages (SMA, SMB, SMC, 1408, 1607, 2010, 2419, 8L NSOIC, 16L NSOIC, SOT23, SOT23-6, 16L WSOIC) use 100% Tin terminations. All Bourns diodes are compatible with lead-free manufacturing processes, conforming to many industry and government regulations on lead free components.

Bourns Chip Diodes also conform to JEDEC standards, are easy to handle on standard pick and place equipment, and their flat configuration minimizes rollaway.

Model SMF4L-Q is AEC-Q101 compliant making it well-suited for equipment used in more challenging environments.


  • Surface Mount SOD-123FL package
  • Standoff Voltage: 12V to 58V
  • Power Dissipation: 400W
  • RoHS compliant

Bourns Model SMF4L and SMF4L-Q TVS diodes are now available and are RoHS compliant.