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Infineon Introduces the First 1200V Transfer Moulded IPMs

December 14, 2020 by Gary Elinoff

The new phase inverters integrate a 6-channel 1200 Volt silicon on insulator gate driver with six of the company’s CoolSiC MOSFETs

Members of the CIPOS Maxi IPM IM828 series of intelligent power modules (IPM) provide compact inverter solutions with a wide range of switching speeds for three-phase AC motors as well as for permanent magnet motors used in variable speed drive applications. These new devices can handle as much as 8 kW. 

Silicon Carbide devices are taking the power electronics world by storm, rapidly replacing silicon devices due their well known advantages. The CIPOS MAXI IPM devices complete a yearlong series of IPM launches, covering a wide range of power use cases. We describe one of those related series, the CIPOS Maxi IM818, in another article.


Image courtesy of Infineon
Image courtesy of Infineon


The three series of CIPOS Maxi IPMs are the IM828-XCC/MCC/SCC. They integrate 6-channel 1200 V silicon on insulator (SOI) gate drivers along with six of Infineon’s own CoolSiC MOSFETs. This will reduce BOM count, save space and weight, and improve reliability. The powerful devices are packaged in an isolated DIP moulded housing, and achieves the highest power density in their class.

The gate driver section of the SiC IPM provides built-in dead time, preventing damages from transients. The unit also affords under-voltage lockout (UVLO) at all channels as well as over current shutdown protection and a UL-certified temperature thermistor. To make the unit easier to control, the low side emitter pins can be accessed for phase current monitoring. 

While the current available information describes the IM828-XCC as a series, there only seems to be one device available at this time.


Key Features of the IM828-XCC

Static Parameters

RDS(ON) (typical) is 55mΩ and 70mΩ at junction temperatures of 25℃ and 150℃, respectively

Drain/source leakage current at VDS = 1200V is 1mA, maximum


Internal diagram of the IM828-XCC.
Internal diagram of the IM828-XCC. Image courtesy of the IM828-XCC Data Sheet


High Side and Low Side Dynamic Parameters

Typical values at ID = 20 amps and VDC = 600 volts

Turn-on propagation delay time 

  • High Side: 870 ns
  • Low Side: 960 ns

Turn-on rise time

  • High Side: 45 ns
  • Low Side: 85 ns

Turn-on switching time 

  • High Side: 140 ns
  • Low Side: 230 ns

Reverse recovery time

  • High Side: 60 ns
  • Low Side: 90 ns

Turn-off propagation delay time

  • High Side: 960 ns
  • Low Side: 880 ns

Turn-off fall time

  • High Side: 70 ns
  • Low Side: 50 ns

Turn-off switching time 

  • High Side: 100 ns
  • Low Side: 60 ns



  • Industrial motor drives
  • Pumps drives
  • Active filters for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Servo Drivers


Physical Considerations

  • The unit is available in an isolated 36 by 22.7 by 3.1 mm2 DIP package
  • Typical weight is 7.02 grams
  • Case and junction operating temperatures ranges are -40 to +125℃ and -40 to 150 ℃, respectively


Getting to Market Faster

The EVAL-M1-IM828-A MADK Evaluation Board is designed to help engineers to more quickly evaluate IM828-XCC SiC IPM performance for 8 kW motor drive applications.


EVAL-M1-IM828-A MADK evaluation board.
EVAL-M1-IM828-A MADK evaluation board. Image courtesy of CIPOS Maxi IM828-series Presentation

The unit is specified for an input voltage range of 380 to 480 VAC with an output current of 15 – 19 ARMS.