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Infineon Adds New Generation of miniPROFETs to IPS Offerings

August 19, 1999 by Jeff Shepard

Infineon Technologies Corp. (San Jose, CA) has added a new generation of miniPROFETs to its intelligent power switch offerings. The smaller, high-side switches offer new low-power ratings claimed to significantly prolong battery life. The miniPROFETs offer a 35 percent reduction in die size and are housed in PDSO-8 packages, the smallest currently available for smart switches, according to Infineon. The series offers an Rds(on) range of 60 to 400 milliohms and a low quiescent current of less than 10uA. The intelligent power switches contain a MOS power transistor plus MOS logic circuitry for built-in protection. The series is fully protected against overloads, short circuits, excess temperature and ESD for any pin combination for either polarity. The miniPROFET switches also include protection from dynamic overvoltages such as load dump, and inductive load turn off without the need for additional components. The switches feature a voltage slew rate limiting circuit designed to virtually eliminate EMI noise by keeping the switching speed within a desirable range. Fully compatible with either standard or logic level drive signals, the miniPROFET switches are considered ideal for automotive applications such as general body control modules, instrument clusters, dashboard lighting and motor controls. Industrial applications include relay and fuse replacement, lamps, solenoids, dc motors, power control in appliances and portable tools, various automated designs in robotics, and industrial control. Pricing for the new miniPROFET intelligent power switches start at $0.80 for the BSP742T (400mOhm), $0.84 for the BSP742R (400mOhm with diagnostic feedback), $1.12 for the BSP762T (100mOhm), and $1.42 for the BSP772T (200mOhm), all in quantities of 10,000.