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High-Voltage Molded Power Inductors Rated for 5+ MHz

January 08, 2020 by Paul Shepard

Coilcraft has expanded its market-proven XEL Family of high-performance, molded power inductors to include three new higher-voltage series: the XEL401xV, XEL4020V and XEL4030V. All three offer operating voltage ratings of 120V, 50% higher than the standard versions. They also offer exceptionally low dc resistance and ultra-low ac losses for greater power converter efficiency at high frequencies (2 to 5+ MHz) and high ripple current.

XEL40xxV Family inductors measure just 4.0 x 4.0 mm with a maximum height of 3.2mm and feature a rugged, composite construction that provides magnetic shielding and minimizes audible buzzing.

The XEL401xV Series is available in six inductance values from 92- to 780-nH, with current ratings up to 24.0 Amps. The XEL4020V Series has 10 values from 0.08- to 2.2-µH and current ratings up to 33.2 Amps. The XEL4030V Series is offered in 13 values from 0.10- to 6.8-µH and current ratings up to 30.0 Amps.

All models offer soft saturation characteristics to withstand high current spikes. They are qualified to AEC-Q200 Grade 1 (−40°C to +125°C) standards and exhibit no thermal aging issues, making them suited for automotive and other harsh-environment applications. They also feature RoHS-compliant, tin-silver-over-copper terminations and are halogen free.

As with all Coilcraft parts, free evaluation samples of the XEL40xxV Family are available.