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Diodes Inc. High Voltage Diode Array Tolerates Phone Line Transients

January 06, 2010 by Jeff Shepard

With a breakdown voltage rating of 400V, the MMBD5004BRM quad switching diode array from Diodes Inc. is designed to withstand worst case line transients in DAA modem tip-and-ring telephone line interfacing and general off-line rectification applications.

The diode array’s combination of faster switching speed, trr=50ns, and low junction capacitance, typically 0.7pF at VR=0V and f=1.0MHz, makes it well suited for preserving high-speed signal integrity while its high current rating of 225mA continuous and 625mA peak provides for a healthy margin for DAA modem needs.

A smaller quad diode implementation than many existing mini-bridge solutions, the MMBD5004BRM comes in the space-saving SOT26 package. Housing two separate pairs of series connected diodes for linking as a full wave bridge rectifier, the diode array will suit applications where PCB size and cost are critical.

The MMBD5004BRM high voltage switching diode array is priced at $0.08 each in quantities of 10K.