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Bourns Introduces High Clearance and Creepage Distance Isolation Power Transformer Series

February 19, 2020 by Bourns

This article introduces Bourns' new high clearance / creepage distance isolation power transformer series that are AEC-Q200 compliant.

Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer and supplier of electronic components, today introduced its new high clearance/creepage distance isolation power transformer series. Bourns® Model HCT series high-voltage isolation push-pull transformers are AEC-Q200 compliant. Bourns designed its latest transformer series to support isolated interface power for CAN, RS-485, RS-422, RS-232, SPI, I2C, and lower-power LAN. Solutions that simplify isolated interface power are required in a broad range of applications including those designed to meet Industry 4.0 and in low/medium risk medical** sensors, communication PHYs and metering. The capabilities of the Bourns® Model HCT series are also ideal solutions for circuits requiring low DC power and any application where isolation from potentially hazardous voltages is needed such as from a high-voltage battery.


Bourns HCT Isolation Power Image

Image courtesy of Bourns.


The Bourns® Model HCT series features an input range of 3.3 to 5 V and delivers 3.3 to 15 V and up to 350 mA output, configured in a variety of turns ratios. The new series is constructed with a ferrite toroid core for high coupling factor and efficiency. Furthermore, the new power transformers are offered in a low-profile 6.5 mm housing with reinforced insulation, at least 8 mm clearance/creepage distance and 4.2kVac withstanding voltage to provide an elevated degree of isolation from high voltage hazards.

Designed for isolation power supplies using Texas Instruments SN6501 and SN6505B transformer drivers, HCT series transformers are compatible with spread spectrum modulation for reduced emissions and are compliant with IEC 60950-1, IEC 62368-1, IEC 60664-1 and AEC-Q200 standards.

Available now, the Bourns® HCT high-voltage power transformer series is RoHS** compliant. For additional product information, visit here.

*RoHS Directive 2015/863, Mar 31, 2015, and Annex.

**Bourns® products have not been designed for and are not intended for use in "lifesaving," "life-critical" or "life-sustaining" applications nor any other applications where failure or malfunction of the Bourns® product may result in personal injury or death. See Legal Disclaimer Notice


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