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Bidirectional 48- to 12-V Automotive DC-DC Scalable to 3kW

September 02, 2019 by Paul Shepard

Prodrive Technologies’ new dc-dc converter is part of the company’s larger automotive and power conversion portfolio. This fully bidirectional 48- to 12-V dc-dc converter offers a scalable and efficient solution for demanding industrial and off-road applications and mild hybrid automotive systems.

Rated at up to 3kW continuous power with an efficiency up to 96%, it can be used to supply all power-intensive auxiliary applications and regenerative braking energy at 48V, using the 12V battery. Although it is offered in two full versions, air and liquid cooled, due to its very slim and highly energy efficient design it is suited to be integrated into the battery itself. The wide dc voltage range supports multiple battery voltages.

Prodrive’s 48- to 12-Vdc dc-dc converter offers automotive networks capabilities including CAN and FlexRay, and is available in multiple power options from 500W to 3kW to suit the application.

The high-voltage side is rated from 48- to 53-Vdc while the low-voltage side is rated from 12- to 15-Vdc. These dc-dc converters are vibration resistant and designed for industrial and off-road use.

Summary of features

  • Energy Efficiency
    • Highly efficient over a wide load range (96% at 50% of rated load).
  • Power Levels
    • Module is available in several current ratings.
  • Mounting Options
    • Several mounting options available.
  • Reliability
    • All products are intensively tested and reliable.
  • Enhanced cooling
    • Enhanced cooling can be achieved either by forced air flow or liquid cooling, depending on product version.