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50V, 12kW Module Replaces Four Individual Modules in Less Space for at Lower Cost

May 03, 2019 by Scott McMahan

Artesyn Embedded Technologies announced a new three-slot 50V 12kW module, the TW module, for its iHP Digital Configurable High Power System. The company says that the module allows users to save a slot and achieve a single high power output at much lower cost than was previously possible.

Prior to this module, users who needed 12kW of power for their equipment would have used four single slot 3kW modules in parallel. However, this new module occupies three slots, saving a slot for other output modules and offering a significant cost saving. The company's iHP series of configurable high power system can be customized to meet application requirements from a range of standard modules that the company offers.

The TW module delivers a nominal 50V output, and it is adjustable from 2.5V to 60V. It is fitting for applications requiring one higher power output with multiple additional outputs, which can be configured between 0.12V and 300V using existing iHP modules, enabling almost limitless output power configurations.

The TW module, like the company's other modules for the iHP power system can be connected in series or parallel, while achieving high accuracy voltage and current sharing. Also, like the other modules, the voltage and current ramp time, as well as loop compensation, are also programmable.

The company's iHP series power system provides up to 24kW in 3kW increments and can be configured for up to eight outputs using a wide variety of plug-in modules (including the new TW module) that address a large range of voltages and currents.

iHP 24 power system supports up to 8 outputs.

Artesyn secured safety approvals for the iHP system that eliminate the need for an isolation transformer in medical equipment. The iHP power system also has industrial safety approvals and meets the SEMI F47 voltage sag tolerance standard for semiconductor processing equipment.

Artesyn's iHP series configurable intelligent high power system is designed for a broad range of medical and industrial applications. The company says it has also been adopted for a variety of horticultural lighting applications, where it can provide a remote power source for LED light fixtures, replacing multiple discrete LED drivers and saving installation and annual energy costs. Other potential applications for the iHP series include chemical processing/water treatment, high power lasers, lab power, semiconductor processing equipment, and electroplating and etching.

With either an analog or digital interface to their system, the TW module supports standard communications protocols, including Ethernet, CANbus, and RS485.

Digital control of the iHP power system enables the use of the company's PowerPro software graphical user interface (GUI) to control and monitor all the functions on one or multiple iHP systems. The PowerPro GUI also incorporates graphical script creation that lets users program their own process control routines.

Artesyn Configurable Power Supplies

The iHP series is just one line in Artesyn's portfolio of configurable power supplies. Its configurable power supplies are renowned for their excellent performance and reliability and for being cost-effective.

Artesyn's ConfigPro™ online power supply configurator helps find the optimal solution among the three million plus combinations enabled by its range of configurable power supplies. The company says that its ConfigPro tool makes it easier for industrial and medical equipment designers to specify and use configurable power supplies. The tool can also, in many cases, eliminate the need for expensive custom solutions, Artesyn says.