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2500W 1U Bidirectional DC-DC Targets Energy Storage and Renewable Energy Systems

August 26, 2019 by Paul Shepard

TDK-Lambda has released a new 2500-Watt bidirectional dc-dc converter, the EZA2500W-32048, with the aim of improving compatibility with photovoltaic by expanding voltage input range on high voltage side (HVDC) and low voltage side (LVDC). It will also provide internal substrate double-sided coating, high speed, dust-resistance, long life fan mounted model with an extended operation temperature up to +50°C

Main applications are expected to include: Energy storage system (charge / discharge control of lithium ion battery, lead-acid storage battery, electric double layer capacitor etc.); Power energy regeneration system; DC-UPS system; and High power dc-dc step-up/down converter.

The nominal rating of the low-voltage side is 48Vdc with a range of 36- to 65-Vdc. The nominal rating of the high-voltage side is 320Vdc with a range of 260- to 400-Vdc. These 1U high units occupy an entire 19-inch rack space and have an operating temperature range of -10 to 50°C.

These isolated dc-dc converters include an RS485 port for external control. They can be operated in parallel configuration to increase system power rating. The method to change the power conversion direction is user selectable and can be accomplished via external control operation, or self-communicating operation.

Summary of main features and benefits

  • Advanced digital control power supply which realize most required functions as bidirectional dc-dc converter.
  • Compact 1U size, efficiency (Typ.) 90.5%.
  • The voltage range was extended of HVDC and LVDC compatible with photovoltaic power generation.
  • Substrate double-sided coating to increase reliability (foreign materials intrusion, etc).
  • The operating ambient temperature is extended to +50°C on high speed / long life / dust-resistance fan.
  • Fan expected life extend from 5 years to 10 years of the standard model.