Quicker OFF-ON Time?


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Nick Sanders

Generally speaking, which will turn off or on faster? An IGBT or a MOSFET?

I know there are pros to both. But I'm leaning toward an IGBT for a project.
Yes, definitely depends on what kind of MOSFET you're implementing. I'm partial to SiC MOSFETs in my designs at the moment.

Nick Sanders

What I have for the MOSFET

Tdon: 10% of gate voltage to 90% of collector voltage

Tr: 90% to 10% of collector voltage

Tdoff: 90% of gate voltage to 10% of collector voltage

Tf: 10% to 90% of collector voltage
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Nick Sanders

Quick question –

would i be able to estimate the switching parameters of an IGBT using collector voltage?
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