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Hi all,

For an application, I need a power source that gives a pulsed voltage. We can already generate the pulse behavior we want by the labview equipment we have however; the voltage and current ratings of that signal is not enough for our application. So we need a circuit that amplifies this signal's voltage and current to the value we want according to the application. Or we need a circuit that would be used as a switch driven by the signal from labview that will open and close a DC power source which has the amp and voltage values we want.

The wave we need is a square wave. Minimum pulse on time we need is 50 ns and most of the time the duty cycle is around %50, which means 10MHz frequency at the tightest condition. We can generate this signal with a 0-5V signal behavior(5 Volt is a little bit ideal, if you want to use this signal as an input, it is better to choose 3V as a triggering voltage value) from labview as I mentioned.

What we need is a working range of 0-10 V voltage and 0-1 A current for our power source with the pulse behavior defined above. An important point is, this circuit should be adjustable. For example, in one run we would want 10 MHz, 7 V and 0.5 A, in another run we would want 5MHz, 5 V and 0.2 A. But, we don't change the power settings through a run on-line.

Within that context, as you can see we need an amplifier or switcher circuit. Could anyone advise me something?

I have attached a proposed circuit that I am not sure whether it will work or not. What I am sure is that the transistors should be BJT in that high speed application. By the way, if you know a reliable high speed BJT that can work in that application please advise me one. I am not familiar to this issue and opened to all kinds of advices in any detail.