Parallel DC-DC converters with isolated supplies and shared solar input

I am trying to figure out if I can have a MPPT charge controller in parallel with a DC-DC converter (sharing a solar array). I realize the MPPT charge controller is a DC-DC converter and I am also aware that two MPPTs in parallel will cause a possible conflict. The DC-DC converter would have a constant resistive load and an input undervoltage detection mechanism.

I would rather not get into the "why do this" since that can divert the topic. I am just curious, from a technical point of view, if a DC-DC converter under a constant load, can be placed in parallel with a MPPT charger without causing the MPPT to fail.

I am not sure about the type of isolation that would exist between the devices, but would expect at a minimum, diodes to prevent one devices input from feeding the other devices input. The outputs would be isolated (possible transformer) from each other.

The two devices would NOT be synchronized so I am worrying about them stepping on each other during switching times (and when the resistive load turns on/off), but maybe that is not a valid concern if the two devices have the correct input capacitance to handle transients.

Thanks for your help.
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