parallel voltage sources


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5 v 1.5 A is a requirement to power led display.
is it good to use two adapters of 5v 1A in parallel?
will it cause any damage to the display? Any cautions?
When things connected in parallel, you have a current divider. Some current will go into the load and some will try to go into other adapter. Which is bad.

The reason we connect batteries in parallel when we want more current is that batteries are not connected to home wiring.
When the voltages of two power sources are not equal the it could be causes one power source become the load for another power source, so the better is don't connected two powers together directly.

If your led display could works at around 4.5V then maybe you can in series with a 3A schottky diodes for each power source, and connected two output together, the output of two schottky diodes probably reducing around 0.3~0.4V, so you maybe get a 4.6~4.7V on the input side of led display.
Often a low value resistor, 0R1 or something like that, is added in series with each supply. That helps to balance the current.

Start with 2 supplies with o/p voltages as close as you can get them for best results.