Noisy PWM output signal

Good Afternoon Everyone
Please I need help or technical solutions relating to this issue I encountered with BD2320. I intend to use two bd2320 driver for an interleaved buck converter. one of the channels works well, but after implementing the second channel, the low side output of the BD2320 of both channels now has a lot of noise when the signal is high. I could trace this issue to the capacitor used at the low side input of the driver. I used a 330pf capacitor at the input to the driver (both LIN and HIN), but I only got a nice output from the driver when I removed the input capacitor at the LIN. I have tried different values from 1pf to 1nf but the noise still persists. the datasheet can be found here. I will appreciate any help regarding this issue.
noiseless signal.jpg
Noisy Signal.jpg