Im a total novice and I need help with simple solar project.

Help. I am trying to build a cool 18-24in solar powered LED strip. and I feel like I am spinning my wheels. Anyone that could help, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
I can tell you want I've learned from using DC powered, COB LED Strip lights ( in my basement. I'm using a 48Vdc main backbone with 24V LED strips and some Meanwell constant current controllers. The key problem I had was identifying the layouts (serial/parallel) used in LED strips from different manufactures. They don't usually state the details of their architectures, so I had to disassemble a couple. A few manufactures have built in current control, which will trip you up if you are using your own current control. If you plan to use a FIXED voltage supply/regulator, you definitely want LED strips that have resisters built into them (most do), as the resistor have a negative temperature coefficient and that offsets the positive temperature coefficient of the LED diode.

In a previous house I installed AC powered GE LumenChoice 4foot LED tubes (From Grainger), to replace florescent tubes. I didn't understand how they did dimming, so I took a couple apart, (they don't have resistors so required a constant current supply). I can send you a link to a short article on this disassembly if you are interested.