Calculating Three-Phase Power 110V


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When calculating a 3-phase balanced power 320V line to neutral I know that the formula for power is

P=root(3) X V (line to line) X I(line).

So what would I use if the power source is 110V (line to neutral)? What number would change based off this new number?

Thanks in advance.
For starters, power consumption depends upon your load. And from that, the load is either unbalanced or balanced. You obviously want the latter.
Well, I have a 110V-3 phase supply. The thing is my load is 220V so I am using on the load side potential difference between the 2 voltages instead of using voltage to neutral.

And then when I calculate my power consumption is the same (as using 220V single). But wouldn't it be lower because I am using 110V instead of 220V on a single line.

Am I doing my calculations wrong?
There are many online calculators that I bet you could use.

Are you looking to calculate the power dissipation based off this?